Thursday, July 28


Hello darlings,
I've currently been under the radar here on blogger because I get nauseous & dizzy everytime I'm on the computer. Must be the weather & a lack of me having a balanced diet :( Hopefully I can resume normal posting but in the meantime,  I did want to share with you all that I found a FABULOUS recipe for Funnel Cake! It tastes just like the ones at the fair & has the perfect consistency.

Wasn't able to snap photos because I was in a rush when I made it, but I do hope you all try it before summer ends <3


mariposa_ladyinwaiting said...

hi ateh steph. its nicole. i never really comment these blogs, but i I wanted to. :) I haven't see you in the LONGEST! but i miss your sweetness, your personality and your delicious pastries and when i saw this funnel cake picture i said to my self, "i really wish i could go to the OC fiar just to eat this", but i read it all the way, and Oh perfect, you know how to make it. so YES, i hope i get to taste it soon. one day.

i know this random, it would wonderful to know my ateh can pray for me even thought we don't always see each other. i have a prayer request: for our family, were hoping to move closer to my school, but were still in the process of selling our house in Old Town Beaumont. So just pray that whatever God's timing is that everything works out smoothly. Moving when my parents jobs are still here, is difficult. & for me going into my second year in college. Pray that God gives me wisdom to make good decisions about my career and the necessary steps to complete school strong. (even though its barely my second year. but its exhausting already).

I sound so technical. i hope you can keep me in your prayers. but you know, I praise God cuz despite all this crazy things now, I know its only a matter of time when our Savior Returns.

Praying for you too. & correct me if im wrong, are you going back to school too? We'll either way, i'll continue to pray for you whatever it may be. love you ate and God bless you always.


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