Monday, July 25


in heart, soul, & mind.
it's very late & unfortunately, didn't have much time/energy to post today, so I will recap by posting about my weekend! :)

-my sweetheart & I had a date at the famous "The Grove" in Los Angeles!! It's barely been our 2nd date since our anniversary in April, so yes, I was pretty excited. Random joyful outbursts & all ;D We at at Maggiano's Little Italy (which Justin Bieber had his 17th birthday party at this year, btw) & the food was delicious. Bruschetta, Onion Strings, Rigatoni Pasta with a Cream Marsala sauce, Mushrooms, & caramelized onions.. and the BEST PART? a huge dish of Creme Brulee. It was amazing. There was even a piece of hardened sugar crust that fell on the table..and I happened to place my hand there..and guess what? That baby was gone! WHAT 60 SECOND RULE? HMM?! After we watched "Horrible Bosses.." sorry if I'm a prude & old-fashioned to some..but I really can't stand raunchy humor & potty mouths. There wasn't even so much of a chuckle out of me during the first 45 minutes.. but as the twist & turns & the movie went on.. Dan & I couldn't stop laughing. I think we were the loudest ones :P

                                                                                   Source: via Kate on Pinterest

-went to Corner Bakery today to grab a couple desserts & the sweet gentleman at the counter gave them to me for FREE! yes you read that right, homies.. G-R-A-T-I-S!! have any of y'all ever tried the "Banana Bundt Cake?" Oh my gee willikers. It is caramel heaven. It's delicious I just rolled over & sugar fainted. If you're a fan of banana+caramel, you MUST. TRY. THIS. seriously. put it on your bucket list. I may be hyping this up...but hey, I'm a caramel addict, so of course it was nothing less than fabulous for me!

-tried my first "Whoopie Pie" today! those little cakes are so moist & delicous :)

-I'm having a wrestling match with God at the moment. In regards to prayer, I have so many questions & critical thoughts about this matter....and the fact that not everything is adding up "logically" breeds war within me. I hurt for widowed wives & parents who have lost a child. I can't sweep away the fact that at times... I have the same questions as they do. Then again, in the life of a Christian... isn't this what its all about? faith? & what is "logical" to me is just folly in the eyes of God. Even the wisest man can't even hold a candle to God's wisdom. Continuing my search for answers.. nevertheless, I'm excited to see what I will learn...

-made two cakes for a friend of mine this weekend & they turned out pretty well :) have yet to find a really, really, moist yellow or vanilla cake recipe. any suggestions, anyone?

-you know how I said up there that my sweetheart & I barely had our 2nd date since April? Yeah...quality time is RARE, kiddos! but toooonight, i got the oppportunity to have dinner with him AAAND watch a movie with his family at the house. (insert starry-eyed-cloud-heaven-cotton candy-awesomeness here). yes, I was a happy little chump & couldn't stop smiling. TWO DAYS IN A ROW? waaaayyy too good to be true! anyway, y'all GOT to watch "Unknown" with Liam Neeson. He's such an intense actor & has the awesomest movies. Or maybe the movies are that incredible because he's in them. who knows.

anyway, hope everyone else had a grreat weekend! :)



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