Friday, April 15


*jumping jacks, screaming & excitement galore!*
I'm not usually this excited for TGIF, but this weekend is going to be MC-AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*more jumping jacks, screaming excitement!*

but first!
I'd like to re-thank everyone who supported our family the past weekend. As even some of you know, I was posting about my grandma being in & out of the hospital quite a lot this past year. She was ECSTATIC to see the whole church at our house. Actually, that might be an understatement. See? she couldn't even take a proper picture with me because of all the bubbling joy comin' straight out of her. Thank You everyone. And thank the Lord that she has another year with us :)


I wasn't able to snap the pics of all the decorations, but here's one I got when I was halfway through..


by golly, Martha Stewart's tutorial actually worked! Some tips do come in handy if you'd ever like to make some of these, ask me & i'll gladly teach yah! :)

anyway..why am I also extra excited? because..............................................................
*jumping jacks... ok ok enough..*

it's our ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! so amazing! I apologize for sounding like a sugar-high 5 year old throughout this post, but, I like to think that our relationship is pretty stinkin' awesome. Because it's a miracle to me. Yes, cheese me over why don't yah..haha..but seriously, there's NO way we'd be together if it was not for God's divine orchestration. And its become blatantly apparent that relationships with a significant other are one of the most difficult (yet rewarding)..i will stress..DIFFICULT things in life. That's why I tell everyone & they mama to stay single as longggggggggggggg as they possibly can. Seriously, kids. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend is NOT all its cracked up to be.  I had no idea how truly different men & women are. That's why I believe that every great relationship & great marriage is such a blessing & a miracle from God. Guys hear/talk/understand WORLDS different from us ladies. Sometimes it's a blessing, but I'd like to say that it's more of a curse. haha. jk. kind of. okay i'm not. Anyway, sounds like I don't even like being in a relationship now after that rant hahah..but.. I truly do. I've learned so much & I appreciate the wonderful things I get to learn about my lovie everyday. God's love is illuminated tenfold through him & I feel so special. Just wanted to put it out there that's it's really hard work. I can't even comprehend how difficult marriage would be. But anyway! How sweet of actually gives you reminders! I thought I'd share cuz its so pweshus! Anyways, have a great weekend folks!



youre the best thing that's ever happened to me! (besides Jesus, of course. and my grandma. and jingles. and that time I first tried Haagen Dazs "Creme Brulee" flavor..and Zankou Chicken. okayiloveyoubye).


stephanie said...

ah the tissue pom poms look amazing! good job!


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