Monday, April 18


april 17, 2011 : Our One Year Anniversary <3

"Beethoven's Emperor || Jon Kimura Parker || Royce Hall at UCLA || being kicked out of our seats & making fun of the rich snobby lady who gave me some `tude in the process || falling asleep smack dab into the first song of the classical concert (we're terrible) || having the urge to use words like "exquisite" & "bravo" & "bengay" while speaking in an english accent (we were surrounded by rich elderly people)..and let's just say...we were one of the few chocolate chips in the bunch || eating imaginary popcorn & soda & trying not to make a sound while laughing in the dead silence || sweet questions || lemon pepper wings & sugary fries || having exquisite mcdonald's desserts || & the sweetest letter ever. I totally cried.

i love us. Thank you, Lord. 

ps. gee willies, look at that architecture! now I know why university tuitions will cost you an arm and a buttcheek. you payin' for that view, baby!


Andrea said...

Haha Love.This.Post! Bengay? oh, I love you two! Adorable:)


Shauna (Blog of a Young Housewife) said...

Love your blog:)! So ca-ute!!


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