Wednesday, January 12

the week of camp always turns out to be hectic & crazy.
as much planning as we've done, there's always the "omgosh! we totally forgot about the ____"..
which leads to much last minute details & sleepless nights.

..this year though, I have so much peace in my heart because I know that God has constantly reminded me that if its for His glory, & we allow Him to use us..everything will flow smoothly.
for example, in the beginning of this week, we were short $400 , and in a span of two days, our finances are a-ok.only You could work miracles like that.

blessing: finished Revelations today. all I can say is WOW. knowing that the same Rider on that white horse who will defeat satan & his million man army is also the one that cares about the lilies of the field...just sobers me to surrender daily. 300 ain't got nothin' on God!

another praise report is that.. i'm not tired! still up working on a few things & have yet to do more, but I am seriously surprised that I don't even feel the least bit sleepy (and its WAY past my normal bedtime).
hopefully we'll all have everything finished by tomorrow! :)



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