Thursday, January 13

Current Craving Thursday

Starting this week, I'm introducing a new "feature," Current Craving Thursday. 
Although I have cravings spontaneously, & daily.. (ask my boy, i'll be craving for gummi worms one hour & pupusas the next. btw, if you even know what pupusas are, you. are. awesome), maybe blogging about them & staring at the pictures intently will suppress my desire for the moment. Enjoy!

Peanut Butter Pizookie @ BJ's Restaurants
source White Chocolate Chip Bazookie, come to mama, honey. come to mama.

pear & gorgonzola pizza, fresh from oven
source Pear & Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza. The one from CPK also includes Caramelized Onions. dang. i love me some caramel! Anyway, I could totally eat a whole one by myself right now.

back to studying!


the runaway romantique said...

I just had a gorgonzola pizza but without the pear :O sounds lovely! Btw I did a post with your lovely mailswap :) Thanks again for the swap, it was great fun!

- the runaway

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh this pizza looks delish. sooo hungry now.

Kymmie said...

OMGosh. I think I just put on 10 kgs looking at those two pictures! Divine. Delicious! Thanks for stopping by my blog. (Plus I think it's awesome to give God credit for everything good in your life). In fact, that's friggin' awesome! I'm telling hubby what you said about him and Kenny G ;) xx

the runaway romantique said...

lol you know what Steph? after so many emails and our mailswap... I just realized that I wasn't even a follower of your blog yet :O hehe... don't worry, I've remedied that! Feel free to follow my blog if you like :D


little t said...

Oh my God YUM!! My mouth just filled up with saliva.

Sorry Im sure you didn't want to know that!


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