Wednesday, January 26

A slice of the mafia. With 3 ingredients.

While working at my last job, France Bakery, I was exposed to a little bit of Russian culture. As if it wasn't enough they tried to get me to join their widespread conspiracy to take over the world, they brainwashed me to love their food too.

Totally kidding. about the pinky&the brain part, not the food.

Anyway, my sweetheart of a boss, Laura..would sometimes bring me the stuff she made at home. I fell in love with "Piroshkys." This is the American (and quick version). All my friends have been asking for this recipe, so eat your hearts out my little chickadees! :)


Start with caramelized onions & sauteed mushrooms. Did I mention that I love caramel? .. ... I even put sugar on the onions. hahaha. diabetes is totally going to be the end of me.


i get these from Albertson's. Do they have albertsons everywhere else? Anyway, it has to be THESE rolls. I don't know why..but my boss said these are the only ones that would work for her. (anyone want to test out different brands?). and no! i don't secretly work for them psshh. These little pups come frozen. You can defrost them in the fridge, or at room temperature..or in my case, nuke them in the microwave for .20 seconds. **note..use them right away after they've been defrosted. cuz if they get too warm, they get a little too friendly with each other and combine to form one big hulk blob.

lots of flour for your table & rolling pin

dust off the excess flour

well hello again! mr. scoopie's back! it makes it go a lot faster, cleaner & quicker if you have one of these handy. And it ensures that you're putting the same amount of goodness in each little roll of heaven. I put about two. (i think it averages out to 3 teaspoons)

so i discovered a technique today! after you put the filling inside, meet both ends in the middle (in the air) and start to pinch/roll the sides. Before, I would fold one end over and try to pinch the sides, and like 50 year olds who try to wear spandex, it was NOT pretty. everything gushed out the sides and i couldn't even pinch it afterwards.

fry on both sides until golden brown & VOILA!

tomato/potato..same thing. same difference.



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