Thursday, January 27

God Anywhere

" Something about death makes us accuse God of betrayal. "If God were here there would be no death!" we claim. You see, if God is God anywhere, he has to be God in the face of death. Pop psychology can deal with depression. Pep talks can deal with pessimism. Prosperity can handle hunger. But only God an deal with our ultimate dilemma--death. And only the God of the bible has dared to stand on the canyon's edge & offer an answer. He has to be God in the face of death. If not, he is not God anywhere. "
-God Came Near by Max Lucado (pg. 69-70)

This morning, I had such a sweet time with the Lord. I understood the gospel in a whole new different shade. Sin is so utterly unacceptable in the sight of God that there had to be a sacrifice made: Himself.  I've heard all the different elements of what Christ has done for me, but this morning, it struck such a different chord in my heart. Thank you, that for a wretch you would die and replace my hopelessness with a Kingdom's treasure. 


This "Current Craving Thursday," I present: Vintage Cat Eye Glasses!
I think that they're adorable & sexy at the same time. LOVE these, though I think I'd never be able to afford a pair :P All these beautiful specs come from Vintage 50s Eyewear via Etsy. 


Alexandra said...

Those glasses are just so adorable! I love them!

little t said...

These would look really great on you steph.

Have a lovely weekend xx


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