Monday, January 24

Music Mondays

 this is why I love lyrics&music. 
They have a way of hugging your heart, wrapping around it with comfort, and reminding you that someone understands. Someone felt the exact same way as you did. When all your friends look at you like you're insane or being overly dramatic--you wish & wish that one person would understand..but at that point in my life, I think God purposed me to feel alone. So that I had no choice but to be face to face with Him. 
So Lord, thanks for understanding. And Bonnie, thanks for writing this song. I felt like you were right there with me!

With such a beautiful song..and magically articulated lyrics, i ask forgiveness for all the wrong chords and yet again, terrible piano playing! ha! but this is exactly why I want to keep doing "Music Mondays." (to get better!)
thanks for watching/reading. thank you for your love <3


Lo said...

bonnie rait is one of my favorite singers, and i think you did her proud. love the styling you added, too. you're too critical of yourself. if this is what you sound like in your second music monday, i can't wait to see down the line.


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