Thursday, December 9

What's so bad about good?

With a quick motion, he allures us with something gleaming in the light. It seems innocent enough..wonderful.. great enough. We are sure of the dark path on which we should not, cannot, and will not tread..but.. this way doesn't seem so "evil." What is the greatest rival of good? no, it is not sin, or evil. satan knows that God's saints are much too wise for that.

it is God's best.

"Very few of us would debate over what is filthy, evil, and wrong, but we do debate over what is good. It is the good that opposes the best."-my utmost for his highest (oswald chambers)

We make "good" our home and are content with it. But, leave your independence and your desire for sin at the door and you will be outright dumbfounded and overwhelmed from all the goodness that GOD has for you. I'm not proclaiming the prosperity gospel here, just encouraging us all to leave these stones we've swooned over our whole lives and wake up to the fact that he's given us gems instead. He's come to give us life--abundant life. 

Charles Stanley preached earlier this week that the hardest thing to give up to God is our very will. This is where the battle lies.

"its not a question of giving up sin, but of giving up my right to myself, my natural independence, & my self-will. Beware of refusing to go to the funeral of your own independence." -my utmost for his highest (oswald chambers)

Do you believe in God's promises? is your heart latched unto Jeremiah 29:11-13? Do you know that God is enthralled with you? Does it comfort you to know that He will "never leave you nor forsake you?"
do you truly believe that God desires His best for you? 

..if we truly are christians, truly are god's heirs/saints/children...wouldn't our lives be lived out as  a reflection of those promises?

Wake up, wake up, o sleeping souls!  A heart not completely devoted to God is not devoted at all. It is impossible to wholly surrender to the Lord if we have not yet slayed our own will.



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