Saturday, December 4

My name's Fina.


LIKE AQUAFINA?! She smiled sweetly and suddenly the whole room was warm. Her lips were bright red, tainted with love (pun intended haha). Strawberries bursting with ripeness would be jealous if they chanced upon her.Every year,the college ministry in my church takes out an elderly.
Its been coined as "Golden Care" day.
Each soul is truly a treasure to spend time with and learn about.

This year, we had the privilege of being graced with the presence of Nanay Fina. She's lived a full
and colored life, and still continues to do so. She taught U.S. History, but what's amazing is that she was
present for the actual events. The Japanese soldiers used to come to her house when she was still a little girl and pay their family back in food and money just to hear her sing. They delighted in her.
Although the Japanese' 2nd visit wasn't as pleasant, her family still clung on to one another and endured the dark times. And survived.

Young love sprouted in high school with a fellow young man, who she still claims was her first love..and true love to this day. She didn't end up marrying him, (maybe if circumstances were different, she would've ;D ;D)
but instead a godly, young man who became a preacher through seminary.
The turn of events was quite humorous to her, seeing as she grew up in a large family & with a pastor as a father, wanted absolutely nothing to do with marrying one.
But God always has a funny way about things; doesn't He?
He was described as a sweet, tender, & loving man who always took care of her.
Suddenly, in his early 40s, cancer took the life of her husband.
Depression loomed over her head and began to settle into her heart.
The man who even used to feed her, and make her breakfast every morning, cherished her, and loved her,
was suddenly gone.

Loneliness was a constant visitor. Sadness invited itself for company too many unwanted times.
She opened up to us about even wanting to take her own life from being in so much pain.
What kept her from doing so?
Her exact words, "I didn't want to be a burden to my family. I wanted to be a blessing to others."
Lights are meant to shine..even when dim, God will still light.
She's been shinig brightly ever since.

When asked, what the greatest lesson from  life was learned?
Without hesitation, replied, "The value of being alone."
..How to do things on her own, how to have God as your one pure, true, and sole joy.. how to live again.

...Nanay Fina is just like Aquafina. (hehe) Like water, her love & testimony flows sweetly through the lives of others. You have made a difference. You do make a difference. And we hope that you would keep singing a song of joy as you go back home to the Phillippines. Thank you for spending time with us, and reminding us of how God never leaves us. God has been faithful then, now, and forevermore. We've seen that through your life. Thank you..

We love you & will miss you dearly.
God bless you, Nanay Fina! :)




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