Wednesday, June 23

When strength isn't enough

{Psalm 33:16-17}
A king is not saved by a large army; a warrior will not be delivered by great strength.
The horse is a false hope for safety; it provides no escape by its great power.

All the things I've known to be true You have burnt up in your holy embers.
All the willpower and might I've gathered to change myself have been as effective as holding water.

Story since the beginning of time, "apart from You, we have no good thing."

I need God so much. As I always do... but because I don't want this life story to just be okay, or "lived,".. or.. that I breathed while I existed.

but because history is His story..and "my" story is also His.

(i don't know how much longer I can have this job :( )

bon nuit, steph



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