Monday, July 5

A weekend of delights

My eyes are literally drooping, but I've been hard on myself for not blogging so often; I really want to look back at these silly little rantings and remember all the adventures and things I did..

I'm also regarding my lack of posting pictures I always say I'll put up but spend years in my hard drive ;D 

so, this weekend was jam-packed from beginning to end! a tad stressing, but all so worth it. 

1 || I engaged in battle with the frostings from know. haha! i could NOT get my frostings to work for Tita Arlene's party! .. (for all you bakers, the buttercream kept curdling and wouldn't properly incorporate..the butter was causing it to become runny because it hadn't yet broken down. I know that it had to go through the "ricotta cheese" process before incorporating together..but mine's just kept turning into soup! ah! the swissmeringue buttercream eventually worked..but the simple cream cheese never did :( ). 
I was praying my socks off for an hour and felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest haha..i get really angst when things don't work out..especially when I've pre-planned to the last detail. Anyhoots, I just thank God over & over again that everything worked out. I absolutely fell in love with the baking cups! AH! best part: only $1.00! double AH! :)

2 || June was very trying for us both; individually & otherwise. I'm really thankful that God allowed us to have substantial quality time this week to work out the kinks;  including the July 3rd Chino Celebration. We went to support some of our friends, Blenderz :) 
What a blessing from God to have someone who is on your team. He uses my lovie to fight for our relationship which is such a huge bonus because I have -zero patience. It always reminds me how the Lord continues pursuing us; even when we don't deserve Him at all. Anyway,  it was a lot of fun & the fireworks were awesome! best part: $free.99 baby! yes! 

Btw, pictured as well is the ferriswheel we waited almost an hour for..and when we were FINALLY there..the guy said "sorry guys! that was the last ride..there won't be any more." :(  Can't forget our fav. paparazzi (Ate Lisa). So nice bumping into her & Brandon :) We had a dorky time trying to take pictures.

3 || One of the sweetest & most tender-hearted girls I know.. if not THE MOST..hehe.. my melistar is departing for SD..i'm gonna miss her SO much. It was so sweet to be able to spend some time with her before she flies back to her home coop! Matt, I guess we kinda enjoyed having you there too. I guess hahaha.. just kidding :) 

4 || No picture, but we had lots and lots of sushi after at Yoko Yoko. After 10pm, all the rolls are half off! you guys should go :)  

5 || The most wonderful of all: my Torchboys, rosas, itlog... twin! (Seriously, people always think I'm Jessica!) .. GOT MARRIED! Now, officially Jessica Shayne Nadua Enriquez. Wow naks! Pictured is another gorgeous gal, my bf Alaia. Wow, naks! This wedding truly pulled my heart strings because I've known Jess since we were younger, so we're all ecstatic for her!







to close, a snippet of a song by my fav, Jimmy:
"And you see us all, cuz there is nothing you can't see,
And you can free us all,
cuz there is nothing you can't free.. "

amen to that.



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