Saturday, June 19

summer is here, but i ain't on vacation..

some things I would love to do/eat very very soon: 

-go hiking on a waterfall trail
-bunjee jumping
-boiling crab
-sweet potato fries w/ marshmallow creme
-la trip for: 
  • best nachos
  • best tacos
  • best ice cream
  • best desserts (mmm)
  • best dulce de leche treat
-go to a japanese garden
-make a mango float
-go to six flags
-listen to live music


edit: I am petrified of teaching.
And manana, mi amigos... I am somehow teaching Sunday School (for the 2nd time).
You are CRAZY. (in a great, incredible, supercalifragilistexpialidocious kind of way).
All glory, praise, renown, honor, beauty, majesty and on and on is Yours.
Gratefulness oozes for your interest in small chumps like me ♥



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