Saturday, September 13

"She wants it like, exotic..moroccan."

So yesterday was pretty interesting! In a good way! :) I am so thankful to God that I have finally gotten work, and its at a place I love! My old job at Lark cake shop. First thing I hear when I walked into work was, "Hey Steph, we have an order for a wedding cake." I"m like.. WHAT! hahaha.. ususally those things we get months in advance! Anyhoots, roll with the punches, right? So it was a three tier cake, and maricela helped do the "architecture" on the inside (aka doweling). A sweet woman from another bakery (and she was so pretty by the way, man sometimes I wish I was white with blue eyes! hahaah), came over and just handed me all these mismatchy flowers & PEACOCK FEATHERS!.. and was like.. yeah..she wants it exotic..moroccan.. haha!.. and I was asking if there was any particular design.. and she just said.. "do whatever you want! :)" and man, I was just thanking God because it came out beautiful! Jim and I drove to Figueroa Hotel in downtown LA and finished up the cake there. I really wish I had a camera because if you know me i'm NEVER proud of the wedding cakes I do, but this one I was :) IT WAS PERFECTLY STRAIGHT! It wasn't bent or lowered in one section or anything lik ethat at ALL! :) It had orchids & peacock feathers.. yeah I know crazy! but it turned out pretty nicely I must say :)

And then, today we have an order for a baby shower, so I had to make a sixteen inch cake (probably the diameter of J-lo's booty.. and then some) haha.. yeah its HUGE! and she wanted a silhouette of a pregnant lady on top. and dude, I don't draw! haha.. but.. seriously it was such a miracle because she came out pretty sweet! I really was just praying the whole day yesterday because I was being stretched do things I don't normally do. But He was with me and everything came out splendid :)

Anyhoots, whoever's reading this probably doesn't even care about cakes. But I do. And this is my blog, so booyah! :D hehe.. i'm gonna post up pictures soon :) Going into work early today so toodles :)




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