Wednesday, September 10

yee yee yee! :)

  • yay! today is going to be a GREAT DAY! i thank God because finally! for the 4th time, i made it to the Pharmacy Technician Entrance exam test at Kaiser, pretty much you have to score 70% or higher on the Pharmacy Terminology & Math portion in order to even be considered as an applicant. I'm gonna find out later in the afternoon how I did! :) I felt really confident on the math section, but I was a little iffy on the Terminology part. It's all in God's hands now!
  • Cam Cam is much better and is now at home, praise God!

  • God's been providing for MORE than enough, and I truly am so thankful that for the first time in a long time, I was able to buy groceries!! Another thing I am grateful for is for the inventor of Food-4-less! I feel like a queen saving SO much money on buying vegetables & meat! :) yay!!!! 
  • Yesterday was a "trial" & testing day, but, I really do thank God because He is always there. 
Anyhoots, I'm also SUPER excited because I get to bake again! yeehaw! :) time to go make some red velvet cupcakes!!!! 


Zamir said...


Keep your chin up.


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