Monday, July 14

things to do, things to do. (this week)

man! i'm a blogging wheeezy. haha. i just learned why people put "eezy" on the end of things (thanks kai!). so.. i guess imma use it for another "w" word. hahahaha.

1. devotions everyday
2. buy all equipment for ate led's wedding cake
3. make another flier for women's fellowship
4. make a video for women's fellowship
5. clean the refrigerator
6. clean my room
7. apply for jobs... get a job!
8. finish 3 songs left to finish
9. start learning a song on piano every week from youtube :)


Hendrix said...

i still don't get why they put "eezy" at the end of things. and man, you blog a lot! i can't keep up! i feel like if i miss a couple days of reading your blog, i'll have to look to your previous entries to catch up! haha.


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