Saturday, July 12

I wanna yearn, for You.

You're all I want. I feel ashamed and empty at the end of the night because i think of all the temporary things i've fallen in love with, other than You. Give me a passion to YEARN & love you, above all else. . a thought i really have been meditating on.. is that.. somedays.. we feel SO unworthy.. like.. "whew! God.. i was a suuuper sinner today'".. but.. let's be real.. we were NEVER worthy in the first place. God says.. "come just as you are.. " i love it. anyways, this song really does bring me peace and is the song of my heart. God bless.


katzy s said...

ive always liked that song especially the line that goes "your joy is mine yet why am i fine with all this singing and bringing grain in light of Him?"

it's definitely a call out of complanceny into a passionate yearning for the presence of God. as John Piper has put it "God is gorified when you are most satisified in Him".

good, honest, post here. if this were xanga i'd give u e-props but no=P

God bless



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