Monday, July 18


I crack myself up. For years, i thought the song said that. Turns out, it's "manic monday." I was singing the tune whilst strolling with my mom a few months ago & she starts going "MONDAY, MONDAY!" (of course in the fobbiest accent imaginable hehe). I have a strange feeling that we're not the only two persons on earth who got those lyrics wrong! :P Anyway, have two videos that I will post up later in the I guess this will be another fantabulous day with more than one post! :)

To be honest, I'm a glum chump at the moment, so I thought that it would be a PURR-FECT time to share some blessings :) God is still God, and God is still good. I hope to never, ever forget this. 

+15 months for daniel&i yesterday
+God's teaching me to crawl out of my introvert bubble and actually make a difference in someone's life. 
+I got the BOG waiver for school! 
**this is HUGE because I can't afford to go to school, but with my tuition & parking fees waived, I CAN! Also, I was initially rejected by the college, but after FAFSA, I was approved! (even though I didn't get any approval for grants, only loans which I REFUSE to do). Helloooooo colllege :) I will be doing my GE's at a community college & plan to major in Graphic Design & Music later on.
+Growing in my faith daily
+I'm getting cake orders left & right! yay!
+$1300 + dollars raised over the weekend for our youth group. so excited for the kids, since $120 is a really lofty price & i want them all to be able to go!
+I got two free shopping bags full of clothes & two pair of shoes & seven necklaces. for. free.
(will blog more on this later)..this is also huge because I really can't afford to buy clothes at the moment!
+God has taught me to overcome hate with love. I can't think of a single person I dislike now.. :) 
+Learning to be more organized
+Having friends/family who have been buying me food & giving me rides since my car's broke & I have no money. Y'all are the beeeeeest. I will pay you all back in time. but slowly. ve-ery slowly. hahah. 

these are just a few but I've left many out because we'd be here forever. What are you thankful for? :) I find it helps to refocus us on what truly matters when we have an "attitude of gratitude."

toodles my chickadees,


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Hahaha too funny! I thought it said Man its Monday toooo!!! Well I learned something so thank you :) YEAY for the BOG waver thats very exciting!

Thank you for the SWEET comment you left me..totally made my night so thank you Steph!


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