Tuesday, July 19


um, yeah..so i may or may not have been able to post the two vids i said i was going to post yesterday (insert guilty smile).

1) I was going to attempt Queen B's new song, "Best Thing I never had.." however 30 seconds into the song I knew that it wasn't gonna happen. Maybe another year of practice will do!

2) I tried with all my might to upload the link up from Courtney Ash's vlogging challenge..but it took HOURS longer than I thought it would. I finally finished the "10 things about me" vid..but I was a day late & even broke the 5 minute limit rule ..woops! :P I had so much fun doing it though so I uploaded it anyway. hope you get a good chuckle out of watching me make a fool of myself (what's new)? Have a great day!



Courtney Ash said...

Can we be best friends like now!?! You are so awesome! haha this vlog made me lol and you were so *natural* at it!! SO stoked that you linked up! No. But seriously. Can we be best friends?

ashley said...

sooooo... you are hilarious. and i'm your latest follower! adorable vlog!

Megan said...

I'M your latest follower! :)

Hollie Ann said...

your impression of your mom is sooo funny! loved it!


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