Tuesday, June 21


I'm backk!!!!!!!!!
It's been what, like 2 months?
time&life has swallowed me whole, i tell yah! so much has happened (note fried chicken below..yes! i have conquered the impossible! I have mastered a single poultry dish! take that Kris Saliba! ;D) since I last blogged consistently but I definitely hope I can keep up this time. Its rewarding to look back over the years and learn/laugh from my previous interests. One thing I'd love to share is a valuable lesson I've learned:
We forgive people not because they are deserving, but because we love God. 
 A glance at my own blackened heart and the vileness of my sins and I am gutted with reality. Seeing the sawdust hurts because I have been wedging that plank deep into my own eye cavity. (woah, that totally rhymed. new song, anyone?) ps: my love & I wrote a new song togetha! our first one actually :) eexciting. I will post up a non-crappy audio version soon.

so here's the scoop: I've experienced a revolutionary way to eat strawberries. You might bite your tongue from the initial gross factor, but once you get over it, taste bud extravaganza erupts. Note "recipe" below ;D


                                                                                  Source: thekitchn.com via Tracy on Pinterest

schweet! I found this via pinterest & I guess i'm not the only weird one. ha! well actually, I found this out via Julia Vaughn. She's this really amazing jewelry designer & fashionista that I'm a huge fan of. + she's gorge.

strawberries + sour cream + brown sugar
1. wash & dry your strawberries
2. dip into sour cream and get an even coating
3. roll into brown sugar & coat evenly
4. eat! :)

hope you guys try it & enjoy!
ps: OMG! look at how i wrote that title! totally sounds like the ghetto Chinese lady who tries to get me to buy "one dolla! one dolla onleee!" slippers that I don't need at the swap meet. haha. totally. fobbed. out! I think i'll keep it that way though :P

pps: for all my bloggie friendie friends who can/will, please pray for my Auntie Carol Tano. She's not really my aunt, but in my culture, you call everyone your aunt, yah gets? She's having open heart surgery right at this moment. So please pray pray pray. Pray for her right now & even after as she recovers.

love & sweets,


Courtney Ash said...

Love love love this post! And ahh does that strawberry look ah-mazing!?!? Can't wait to hear the song! That's so awesome that you two can do that together! I just picked up playing guitar so hopefully I can start writing soon! xoxo

Courtney Ash said...

oh and p.s. your comments totally made my day! So stoked were bloggin friends now! :))


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