Wednesday, June 22


hello lovely gals & gentlemens.
I present to you, one of my first DIY'S! (insert stadium cheer here) :)
okay! so I was asked to bake some cupcakes for one of my mom's co-workers & thought that I'd make this one a little special. I was inspired by the whimsical photos of cake bunting floating all over the internet so it was definitely time to try on my own :)

1. for this type of cake bunting, I wanted the letters to look like they were floating. choosing an "outlined" font will make it easy to cut around the edges while ensuring that the boldness of the letters will keep them readable.
I used "rosewood std" which can be downloaded for free at But since I know that no one really has time nowadays, I made a .pdf which can be printed out conveniently! :) CLICK ME! There's also a colored lettering right below.


2. I created some gold paint splatters with spray paint.



3. Cut out each letter


4. Using a needle, poke a hole atop one side of each letter & repeat on the adjacent side. Why two holes you ask? I tried just one hole in the center atop each letter, and they would display diagonally, as oppose to flat on the surface. (you'll see later)



5. Use some fishing line and thread it through the two holes. I got mine's from Wal-Mart for less than $3.



6. Attach each end to a lollipop stick/skewer & insert into your finished baked good!


ps: see what i meant about the letters lying flat? that's because we did the two holes!

closeup of the cupcakes..

{chocolate cake || nutella spread || nutella buttercream }

hope you guys enjoyed the bunting diy! remember, crafts are only as limited as you can make get crazy & bunt a bedroom, kitchen, meatloaf dish..whatever your heart desires!

lastly, i'd also like to post two answered prayers: my auntie carol's open heart surgery was successful & everything's okay, and my love got into the MRI program! yes! :) such beautiful blessings.



Taehreh said...

Omg I've never seen such awesome decoration on a cupcake! It's like a flower!! How did you do that?

.. I have no baking talent :(


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