Tuesday, May 17


We can make idols out of anything. 

Well well well, looks like I had an idol on my hands.
Today, God showed me that I've made an idol out of my sweetheart. Usually, I can pinpoint when things dominate over God's throne in my life..but this one was a curveball. I've always felt that if God asked me to bring him to the altar & surrender him, I would in a second. However today proved me wrong.

I felt my heart stir with dissatisfaction & sadness when things didn't work out in our favor today. Deep down, I knew that it was my answered prayer to "God, have control of it all." Its almost as if I heard him say..."even this, my child. even this." I realized that given the option to choose God & my responsibilities, I was still attempting to manipulate the situation so I could choose Daniel.

This revelation leaves me so humbled & feeling adored by my King. He is indeed jealous for me & for that I am overjoyed. What consequence would He bestow me given my stubborn & unyielding heart?

well, there was none..he gave me a huge blessing. 
my lovie called me & told me to check his email.
sweetest note ever with this video attached.
*caption he wrote for this video: Just messin around. Sounds that came from my head that remind me of when she and I made it known that we love each other. "Dreamland""

 I couldn't help but bawl rivers of humility & joy.
no guy has ever done anything this nice for me.
i should've known that the 14 year old boy who shipped me valentine flowers while i was on vacation in Hawaii sincerely wanted to treat me like a queen for the rest of his life. 
I mean, really God? you'd still reward me even though I was so unyielding to your plan at the time?!!!

i've received two precious gifts today..not only that beautiful song, but learning a valuable lesson & (well, i guess three) being re-affirmed of God's very disciplinary, but very overwhelming love for me.

have a goodnight everyone :)



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