Thursday, April 14


A while ago, the question was asked, "if heaven had all your friends, beauty, no sadness or pain...everything you wanted..but Jesus wasn't there..would you still want to go?"

at times, it frightens me that at my honest, deepest, heart's core; was a whispered "yes." 

Jesus, give me this heart: 

Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.-Psalm 73:25


little t said...

Very philosophical question. Isn't Jesus present in each one of your friends, beauty, joy...

steph said...

Hi T! I guess for a loaded question, its a loaded answer as well :P hehe, in a nutshell..not exactly. When we choose to yield full control of our lives over to Jesus & realize it is only He that can save us from our sins..he becomes Lord & Savior in/over our lives. It is then that we can say that we are now "hidden with Christ." Instead of having a life filled with fruits (results) of the FLESH: hate, greed, anger, slander..etc. now turns into fruits of the SPIRIT: love, joy, peace patience. So yes, wonderful things such as love, joy & peace do exude from some of our friends..but essentially, these things are a resulting factor of Jesus molding us daily... A person can replicate the attributes of Christ, however, it does not suffice as an actual substitute to be with Christ. Heaven is a place where no SIN can be present...a place where an all holy, eternal God dwells. The only way we could ever share in that glorious presence one day is to be justified & redeemed by Jesus---a place that no one in the universe could ever take because He was the only sinless sacrifice that could pay for a world of sinners' debt.

Hope I didn't overwhelm you & this made sense <3

ps: You may have a completely different view & oppose entirely what I had to say, but I thank you so much for reading my blog & taking the time to ask anyway ;D I appreciate you, friend!
pps: please don't be shy to ask me any questions! <3


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