Thursday, February 24

speakin' my mind.

tomygirls: when you love a man & he treats you like trash, you DON'T make excuses for him. you DON'T stretch the ONE good thing he does to conceal the hundreds of nights you go to bed crying. you've GOT to see that all your friends speak honest (&painful) truth because they care. not because they're judging you. or look down on you. it's time to let the castle moat down & let some wisdom in. cease fire & look reality straight in the eye. yes, honies.... all those red flags you've noted & seen can only mean one thing: RUN. (and never look back).

PS: to all my wonderful, Godly, & respectable gentlemen friends who were raised right & know how to treat women well.. I applaud you. thank you for reminding us all that chivalry is still very much alive. and loving purely actually still exists. I thank God for you men. Someday, you'll make great fathers who'll lead families in the proper direction they should go.


Kymmie said...

Go girl! Is that a note for you, or for a friend?? I'm too curious for my own good. But glad you said it, because it's so true! xx

Lo said...

Can I seriously post a link to this on my facebook page? I can think of more than a handful of my high school girls that need to read this. At the heart of women, we want to be pursued, and sometimes that desire clouds perspective to the point where just having someone can trump the quality of that person.

rheenabettes said...

Honestly, this is exactly what I needed. I recently got out of a relationship and I've been doing okay, but it's always helpful to have this kind of reminder as to why it was the right decision :)

steph said...

@kymmie: about 3 years ago, it would have been for me. sadly, i was the girl described on the other end & i never listened! Thought I would speak from my heart to all my lovely ladies because I see it replay over & over again...but now i'm on the other side & have learned from those mistakes. I'm glad you feel me! haha!

@lo: OF COURSE YOU MAY! my, you have such a way with words! like i told kymmie up there, i was in their shoes before..i mean.. why wouldn't Satan tempt us with something JUST shy of our standards? we're so quick to grasp the pretty box when God's been chiseling out a diamond for us not too far down the road. We MUST grasp onto Jeremiah 29:11's creed. Rebellion & sidestepping God's ways would surely be depleted if we were to do so.

@rheena: i'm so proud of you honey. i feel like you, loris, & i are sistahs even though we've never spent time together (hope to change that soon!) when you see yourself the way that God sees you (zephaniah 3:17)... you learn to respect yourself..and realize that no, your standards are not too high--even if the world tells you they are. God has PERFECT plans for us. the question is just if we will hand over the reigns; or continue on our own foolish course. years from now, you'll look back & smile with peace knowing that you've made the right decision to forego a compromise & wait for a blessing instead. glad it was a reminder for you! :)


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