Friday, February 4

Free 99, baby.

Gentlemen, Gentlewomen, girls, ladies, kids..
I present my very first GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! (and the crowd goes wild **roaaarr!**)




Bonjour, Paris!
This sweet vintage eiffel tower engraved with the letters "PARIS" hangs from a 19" antique bronze chain.
It's adorned with gold & sky blue beads.
I'll be adding some to my etsy store soon, but none exactly of this replica.

Want it?

 To enter || 
1. Post a comment with something you've been thankful for so far this year. 

additional entries: (posted as separate comments) 
1. Blog about this giveaway & post the link back to your blog so i can see you weren't lying ;D
2. Become a follower of "But we get back up again." (follow button is over yonder ---->)

Since I have about 2 people who read my blog, your chances of winning will be pretty large! haha!
Winners will be posted on Monday!

Love you all & thanks for your support.
ps: So grateful for everyone who's been keeping my grandma in your prayers.
Thank You. 

At the present moment, she still hasn't gone through with the colonoscopy because her heart rate keeps increasing. Please continue praying that she will have peace in her heart.

pps: Anyone have fun plans for tomorrow? My lovie & i are celebrating Valentine's Day so we can do a whole day extravaganza :) (boo for Valentine Mondays)

Have a beautiful weekend , everyone!

Check back on Monday for the results ;D


Anonymous said...

This year I've been thankful for...

AH. Okay, so this question is a LOT harder than it seems. This year... I am thankful for my J.O.B. Getting to work with Club Beyond has been such an ENORMOUS learning experiencing: how Jesus lives, how the Holy Spirit works, and how God loves.

I got to learn what it means to live out Christianity through relational ministry. I met more of God's children.

It's been HUMBLING, HUMILIATING, totally... awestriking to see how God is working in the lives of the next generation of Christians. LOVE it.

Working in ministry has put me straight up against what I am and who I want to be. (More on that in a later blog post.) ;)

Love you girl. :D

Loris S. said...

Yay! :)

Thankful for sisters in Christ! It's so easy to just talk about boys, fashion, makeup, fancy parties & yadayada & fall into the world but I am so blessed with the most amazing sisters who bring me to a godly perspective whenever the topics come up. (& with valentine's day comin' up? Ooh man, we have lots of talks, HAHA.)

Maybe you could make a CD for Lola with your favorite songs/hymns that will give her peace & encouragement for that heart rate :) Love & prayers!

Lo said...

love this necklace! i am so thankful for the ministry God has led me to. i consider it nothing short of an amazing blessing to be leading high school girls, even in the hair-pulling times when girls completely ignore the advice they asked me for. they have a huge part of my heart and i can't wait to see the women they become.

Lo said...

also, i'm already following you, because you're great :)

Anonymous said...

PS. I blogged about you. ;) //

Anonymous said...

Hey Lo!! :) :)
I work with MCYM, Young Life, Youth For Christ, and Life Teen let us borrow peeps for our ministry. :)

Awesome possum.

Loris S. said...

Does following you on my Google Reader count?

Heh. <3

dothetwist said...

I'm thankful that my family and I managed to get through a tough time together. But basically I'm thankful for everything I have. It's so hard for me to write this. :D Because I'm actually just thankful for my life, in general.

dothetwist said...

I'm also a follower on GFC!

m-l-e said...

I'm grateful for a lot of little things.. pink clouds in the morning, good hot chocolate, awesome blogs, and phone calls from friends

ALELY said...

already a follower : )

and i am very thankful for mine and hubby's jobs with the tough economy these days. hubby was laid off for almost a year and we clung to the verse Jer 29:11. He provided another job, that allowed us to stay in Charlotte, NC which was our prayer. God is good.

ALELY said...

p.s. i'm having a giveaway myself : ). if you haven't been by or entered the giveaway cmon over when you get a chance.


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