Monday, January 10

Bonjour, Paris!

A few months ago, I became blogger friends with a sweet lady named Cha over at Runaway Romantique.
After snooping around on her site, I found out that she lived in Paris (!!) and she was offering a mail swap.
you totally just said, "what the heck is a mail swap?" didn't you? well, its like a penpal..but this is like x1000 better. you know why? it comes with PRESENTS! *flails arms like crazy*

I finally received my package today...alll the way from France! It was Christmas all over again. Here's the goods:

a handwritten letter

flyers from events in London

loved her little messages! so cute!


this is the part where i wished i could understand french! le fromage? huh? yeah yeah?

cupcake cd cases? why yes!


can't wait to hear the songs!

sweet bracelet

stacking rings

again, such cute notes/packaging

pear&caramel tea, 3 small canvases..and.. i'm planning to rub that all over to see if its soap hahahah..smells good but just don't know what it is!


i almost hyperventilated here.

(!!) vintage postcards/stationery! ah ah ah

this one was my favorite

THE cutest glassine bags! I'm going to save these & frame them

THESE WERE INSIDE! Hi my name is Stephanie & I am a caramel-holic. seriously; i am obsessed with caramel. I. LOVE. IT.

truly, truly magnificent. These were hard candies filled with chewy caramel in the center...but..i couldn't wait so i started chewing on them right when i popped them in my mouth! before I even finished opening all the gifts, i had eaten three :) *sigh...explains my 10 fillings.

& you know what else came in the mail? MY POCKETWATCH NECKLACE!
I ordered it online :)

Misty Sunset3

Misty Sunset copy

Misty Sunset

in closing, I hope that everyone had a wonderful 2011 celebration & as we move forward, remember the past for its lessons..but leave behind the mistakes! Its such a relief to know that God is the master of second chances. God bless & have a wonderful week!

prayer requests:
-our annual college camp for my church. this year, entitled "React" to be held on Jan. 14/15/16. planning, visitors, transportation, safety, God's favor..etc. etc.
-for me. my boyfriend told me last night, " really need to work on your people skills." i've been painfully unaware of how much of an introvert I am...sadly, i'd rather crawl into my room & play sudoku for hours than have a conversation with someone. hahah... this is what living alone does to you!

bon nuit,


Loris S. said...

This looks.. SO. FUN. I kind of wish I did a mail swap but then again not really because I wouldn't know what to give the other person. My goodness. But I love the French language & culture & just everything! If you need me to translate anything, I gotchu :)

A college camp? How exciting. Wish our church did that. Let me know how it goes :) & Steph, I'm always encouraged by your transparency. Very genuine. Love it.

steph said...

i know right! me either actually, but Cha & I had been corresponding through several emails to see what we were both into! Be warned however, it did cost me some major $$ to ship to France :( Next time, i'll hopefully do it with someone from America hehe. Just think, you can try different candies from all parts of the world! :)

& you guys should definitely think/pray about doing a college camp. it's always such a great way to kick-off the new year & leaves you in awe of how wonderful God is!...would you be interested in coming to ours? just let me know! it might be last minute but I can still squeeze you in! if not, mayb next year! it's always in January :)

Its strange you know, i'm so closed off in person, but I feel so free to be ME on my blogs. I guess its therapy and reminds me of my flaws & anything good is from the Lord :)

thanks for stopping by "LOR!" have a great week!

Loris S. said...

Oh man, I'd totally be down to go, but the youth group starts orientation month this Friday & I'm an advisor! We're hoping to start our discipleship sessions up soon so I'm really using this time to get to know the girls more. Plus, I wouldn't know how to come up with the funds to go! Eeeks. Definitely fill me in on next year's. :) What church do you go to?

& I agree with the whole bloggin' deal... I usually reflect on everything around these late hours & when no one's awake, my thoughts flow straight into my blog(s). Probably a bad habit. Definitely bad for my health, haha!

You're awesome. Keep loving Jesus!

the runaway romantique said...

Just sent you an email! I'm sooo glad you like everything :D What lovely photos too! I've taken pics of everything you sent and can't wait to make a post about it as well!

If you need help on the recipes let me know hehe ;) And yes, that perfumed cube is indeed soap! I just love the color and smell, hope you like it!

Was great doing a swap with you and looking forward to the next one! Have a lovely week <3


Kymmie said...

I've just popped over from the runaway romantique. After seeing all the most gorgeous things you sent, I had to see what you received! You have a most gorgeous blog. I hope you don't mind if I follow. xx

little t said...

Found your blog after I read about your lovely swap on the runaway romantique!

I can't decide which package I would have preferred- but I loved your little handmade notes on everything.

Too cute x



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