Friday, February 26

free miracles.

no, there was no burning bush & parting of the sea.
there was no split in the clouds & a glorious earth-filling light alluding to a super divine "sign" from God.

but I my friends, have been really blessed! and in my terms, experienced a miracle.
3 weeks before today, I was not doing well financially.
both of my bank accounts were overdraft, my credit card maximum exceeded, and it wasn't looking pretty.
I can point fingers at the ever-annoying online banking and tell the world they exhibited money that wasn't really there, but now I know just to keep track of my money the old-school way (write everything down, add & subtract) & avoid future troubles this way.

anyway; my teeth were buggin.'
called momma & told her my wisdoms were makin' my teeth crooked & my mouth achy!
one problem: no dental insurance.
and even if we did sign up for it, it would take months for them to approve something like widom tooth extraction.

You'll probably count the no. of times I've agreed with my mom on one hand, but it was a rarity i tell you.. that for once, I was overjoyed that my mother is a superhero in the realms of "making things happen." things that shouldn't happen, but they do :) "don't worry, anak..i'll take care of it."

that phrase always scares me.
but this time it made me smile. (HEY MOM! I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS! DON'T CRY NOW!)

Long story short, at the beginning of February, I had no insurance. Move forward to yesterday (<---wow that's a pretty cool phrase! "move forward to yesterday!".. i think i'll write a song now! ha!), and here I was at the Oral surgeon's office, getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. It cost somewhere around $2400, but insurance covered half. The rest? I don't know. Mom never told me, but I'm sure i can liken it to "manna from heaven." Its become so real that we've never been "rich," but its just that God has always been faithful. What gives me goosebumps is that the insurance we were able to get expires in February, and somehow, I was able to get a surgery date..just in the nick of time. (btw, I also was able to get a dental cleaning thrown in there! just a week before the surgery.)

The added bonuses (i know, right? God still added a few wonderful things in addition to that!).. I met a lady named Cora at the (regular) Dentist's office, who is really searching for the Lord! She desires to join the missions trip and her heart is bursting for God. She wants to start coming to our church..and boy am I excited to see her journey in beginning to follow Christ! She can't, won't, and will not let go of her religion label..but she "wants to know God more," and is tired of "going the wrong direction." Something Great is about to go down.

It was also amazing how Cindy, the sweet & incredible lady who handles all the finances, really fought for me to have that insurance pay for my surgery. She even pretended to be my relative at one point hahaha! (this was only because I'm a complete alien to insurance verbage & am completely clueless about what the lady from the other office required of me) anyways,  i adore her.

ANOTHER blessing is.. dun-dun-dun.. after a year of no dentist.. I HAVE NO CAVITIES!!!!!!! wow! for one who pops a milk dud in her mouth before every shower and sleeps with candy in her teeth and eats sweets for breakfast.. i was soo happy! i tried to be a "G" and was like... "oh..that's cool..that's cavities.." but inside my heart was exploding with smiles!! i know this is somewhat of a dorky "blessing" but.. guys.. I. HAVE. TEN. FILLINGS. seriously. literally. all the flossing, mouthwashing, and overbrushing must have paid off! :)

In regards to my finances, I am now in the "positive" zone..and though I'm BARELY getting by.. its incredibly, just what I need. This girl is so grateful.

and I end this blog with a phrase that keeps flowing through my every breath:
"Why do You bless me so?"

p.s. boo! scared yah? i thought I would look like a chipmunk on steroids..but.. the damage ain't too bad, eh? :)


Anonymous said...

I have so many filings I lost count. When people say to me that they've never had a single cavity, I'm always like how is that even possible?! lol.

So glad you got that fixed up though, I will probably have to get mine out soon as well-- eek!!


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