Wednesday, January 27

this month has been revitalizing, to say the least. 
a few highlights from adventures as of late--and the beautiful rare moments of peace God has given me to enjoy. (including this moment in which I can blog at home not being stressed about what to do next.. :] ) 

descriptions are L to R
1. breakfast of champions. never again. i think i formed a cavity that day just from those yummy donuts. 
2. part 1 of "just got out of shower" pic
3. squint to see them--the mountains are breathtaking, God you've got quite an artistic side!
4. Lola's a G. she eats kiwi off the knife. haha
5. this will NEVER get old to me. ..and why is he so darn muscular? 
6. part 2 of 3
7. passing grauman theatre on an app. i believe mel gibson had his premiere that night
8. i realize soon after that she loves to take tongue-out pics..
9. at this angle, jingles actually looks a bit charming
10. the sky after a storm
11. part 3 of 3
12. hmm. she really likes those silly pics.. eheh
11. taken on puente ave. (starbucks)
12. my lola again (at USC hospital) 

Blog wrapping up this month is soon to follow. This month has been wrapped in hurt yet bursting with blessings and hope. I live a beautiful life. What more could I ask for? 


hendrix said...

haha this blog changes like everyday... and i don't mean the entries haha


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