Monday, November 16

When we are away from the Lord, we tend to become the habits, the people we hate most. I found myself having such a critical & judgmental heart lately--the very things that broke my heart when I experienced that kind of attitude towards me. Everything seems so temporary and out of control.. it seems so ironic seeing as when we CHOOSE to walk with Him & trust in Him, when we LET GO, when we DON'T have control, we feel the most at peace. It truly is very silly to approach life with the intent of revolving all things in accordance to the way we've planned them. We tend to think that by having absolute control, and having everything go our way, we will truly be content & be at peace because life is.. what we've made it. God's been placing mirrors all around me and reflecting the flaws that I never thought twice about it. & one of the things is that I truly love to be in control! =P

ah, tiny lessons but so much worth.


21Abigail said...

I know exactly how that feels. Every time I get into a fight and it's MY fault, I realize it's because I was the escalator and I was too quick to speak and I got angry and--I HATE the person that I am. And it isn't DJ's fault, it's mine for not being aware of the decision that was in front of me.

Then I cry! Haha. I cry and cry because I am ashamed and mad at myself for being so... human.


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