Tuesday, November 10

seeing crepes.

My camera's growing on me. I've had it for about 3 (?) years now, 
and it surprises me w/ beautiful pictures like the 2nd one. 
Anyhoots, this is a crepe recipe I had to test out so we can sell
it on Sunday as a fundraiser for my church. Pardon the horrendous
lighting--fluorescent always was my worst enemy..

hoo man! i was trying to upload pics of the FIRST crepe hahaha
can you say u-g-l-y? it looked like a shriveled mole on a hundred-year-old 
man's face.. enlarged to the 10th power! hahaha! after the first two though, 
they started coming along nicely :) 

anyhoots, crepes + nutella + ice cream on Sunday for fundraiser..
hope you guys like it :) 

dreamland is calling. goodnight. 


janna said...

oh my goodness i LOVE crepes. you've got to teach me how to make them.


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