Wednesday, September 9

yay! :)

The awesome bargain I got a couple of weeks ago for a free sewing machine finally came! wohoo! it's totally a sewing machine for ants, but dude! it's free and it can totally sew professionally like a real size model can. At least I'll learn a little on this guy before I move on to the big boys! :) 

Okay, so after I took this pic i went goo-goo w/ the webcam and started taking soo many pics hahahahaha here's some! :) oh my gosh its soo much fun! hahahahaahahah i kept laughing by myself. what a freikin' loser hahahahahaahha i dno't care as long as i'm having fun! :)))

p.s. sadly, that last one had no effect. that's just.. yeah..that's just all me, baby. hahahaaa!


Jude, Zamir, Jhinx said...

hehe... that's cute. you make a homeboy smile ms. stephania


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