Tuesday, September 8

the new horizons have come.

-i saw 3 prostitutes last night. gross.
-i'm finally making my long awaited project: cake balls today. (please work).
-i think the time has come to finally start taking public transportation from Chino Hills to Glendale. Bus weirdos galore, hello.
-new vocab word of the week: "Maelstrom." : restless, disordered, or tumultuous.
Used in a sentence, I remember being in a maelstrom of heartache when I was with you.

Smartness, watch yourself. I'm comin' for you.

its not impossible to revive the former glory days when my teacher made me read to the class (because I was the only one that could). When I skipped 2nd grade & won the spelling bee in 3rd and got the most candy & free scratch&sniff pencils cuz everything I wrote on got an A. Now i'm stupid. I thought Johannesburg was in Europe.
ooooooooh nelly.



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