Wednesday, February 18

what's up with all those ugly guys on those web cam ads on myspace?

hahah! y'all know what i mean? those video chat things they have as ads always got the weirdest lookin' dudes! anyways, haven't blogged in a while, but I figured i'd make my (almost) 3 month mark of 2009. Things have been getting better as the "year of change." The year that I want to remember as the year that I really, truly, invited and allowed God to change every single part of my life. He's been reminding me to just take it really slow; and not to lose heart & get discouraged when I DO fail. After all, His love for me is not determined by how "good" I am, and does not diminish when i'm "not so good." This weekend is crazy with agape fest & joy's debut comin' up. I'm actually baking the last layer tonight so i can have everything ready by sunday. ..this is why the freezer is my friend :) hehe.

I'm wearing your stinky sweater; and for once memories of you don't make me sad.

Progress is swell in the land of the brokenhearted. Who would have thought that the day would come when I could actually say "all is well with my soul" in the aspect of you? I know that God foreknew the day when the salt from my eyes would cease from flooding my pillows every week, i know that God clearly knew the time when I could really say "yeah, i'm okay!" and genuinely mean it.. i know that God knew that He needed to do this so that I could say that He is my WHOLE half. Not my other half.. but my WHOLE, my COMPLETE, and overwhelming portion. God is good. that statement has been revealed to me in so many ways. the "God is good, all the time, God is good" cliche phrase sure does get old when you're stuck in a rut---but when you learn to breathe in your surroundings and see how blessed you are (regardless of your situation), and when God reveals Hisself to you in fresh new ways, you REALLY do see ALL the ways that God is good. God is good, all the time, God is good. Sleepy and tired so goodnight<3

Agape Fest: February 21, 2009
for more info :)


Hendrix said...

Haha you said "Hisself".


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