Thursday, September 18

I wanna go where the wind calls my name.

I love India Arie. I hate it when there are cheap, sucky artists all over the radio (ie. present time), just because they're hott or they can dance or they have hott bods. Whatever happened to artists like this, who sing from deep down in their soul? Artists with passion? I really really miss it. There is just something so truly magical about someone who sings from their personal experience, from their heart, from their spirits. Its so beautiful & enchanting.

Funny thing happened, i haven't signed onto Aim in a while.. well.. I have, but I don't spend too much time on it. So everyone has their group titles.. and.. I've always had this group entitled "Jerks." hahahahahaha. i know. so dumb & also kinda mean.. but if you knew my story, you would know why they're there. anyways, there's only two guys in that category.. and i always knew one of them..but.. the other one.. i coudln't figure out who was in there! (i have the new aim, so its not like the old one where you can just drop down the list & check out who's not online from the category). Anyhoots, I notice someone was signed on today under the "jerk" category.. and.. MAN! hhahahahah it brought me waaayy back! I totally forgot that I put this boy here..i don't know..that was pointless..I just thought it was funny to look back to ure kiddy days.. and look at who used to like and all the other emotions that came along with it. hahaha i feel so silly & it made me giggle >.<

Bible study was eternally awesome, like.. eternallly always. hahaha! We're starting the book of Judges! I'm so excited because i LOOOVE that book! hehe.. well i love i actually love all of the old testament so far.. but judges has some CRAZY stories in there! there's a story about a king..who got a sword stuck in him..but.. he was so fat that the sword just straight up disappeared into his belly! hahahahah when i read that story i literally "lol'ed" hahah. know what. finish this blog later! i really really wanna write a song write now! soo goodnight for now :)



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