Tuesday, August 12

36 after.

  • Lola Ninay is no longer in critical condition & is doing much better! :)
  • Job opportunities opening up!
  • My mom was able to come home on a free ticket & spent time with us.
  • Cake orders a' comin'!
  • Healthy family :)
  • Lola Beng is doing dandy as well
  • PCC's 20th Anniversary
  • Jan is graduating next thursday
  • I got my Pharmacy Technician License
  • Trials to draw us nearer to Him
  • I was able to eat at least 2 meals a day this whole week! :))))
  • Jesus loves me.

I think its imperative to recalculate blessings at a time when you feel like you're not being blessed--sorry for lack of better phrase-age. guess i woke up a bit burdened knowing all the bills due today are requesting for money that I don't have. These blessings needed to be written. Because in fact, I know He has blessed me abundantly, regardless of my situation. Being blessed doesn't mean you always have $1000 dollars in your pocket.. writing this just helps me to lay out His faithfulness in text. Anyways, its time for prayer & good old-fashioned reading. goodnight. or shall i say, good morning? :P


Hendrix said...

I'm glad that you're seeing things in such a good light. Sometimes we let thing overwhelm us when they definitely don't need to. I don't know if you can relate, but sometimes I used to feel like if things weren't going as planned or that there was too much to bear, you couldn't feel happy. In the sense that if you're smiling through these trials, you must be faking it, you know? But I've learned that that just isn't true. It all comes back down to attitude and how you perceive certain things and the point when you truly acknowledge how great our God is. I thank God for you and how you always seem to re-assess your situations and wholly depend and listen to what God has to say. No, we aren't perfect, but I don't think our striving for that Godliness will ever be in vain.

It reminds me of a blog I wrote a few months ago: "Perplexing optimism as of late and sometimes I can't wrap my head around it all. Like maybe I shouldn't be because sometimes there is "so much" to be pessimistic about. Like maybe I'm in denial. But slowly (&quickly?) learning that happiness doesn't indicate inauthenticity. And breathing life in is alright for once. I'm a 24 year old dreamer with attempts to prove that we aren't blessed with this life to inevitably waste it or give up. Like grass pushing it's way through the cracks of the sidewalk and I can't help but smile. Life lately is feeling kind of like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss book, all crazy and fun and unpredictable."

Anyway, that's my two cents. I hope that at the very least, this was encouraging. Your blogs make me think too much sometimes. Haha.


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