Sunday, August 3

1. musicfest? 45miles? gabe?<3.... heck yeah!.. but..maybe.. naaaah. foolish to trade it for some good old fashioned edifying talk & fellowship with drix. (plus i had to drop my mom off at home (out of the way), was super mega sleepy & had to dump some kids in the pool... aka toilet hahahaha)

2. bucketlist is a great movie :)

3. Pastor Tec really knows how to step on toes. But I'm so glad he did. God really resonated through his lungs. Everything & more that I so deeply needed to hear. It's not enough to just "do" right, but "be" right. We can make a long check list of "what to do/what not to do".. but in the end, we'll still be the same people--there's no character change. I've had such a wretched attitude. I've embraced mediocrity, and lemme be the first to say that I've raised my hands in praising my staying still. Pretty much, right? If we don't have the passion to move ahead in Him, and we're fine in staying still, then we pretty much love where our feet are standing still--regardless what kind of soil they're standing on. My heart's been so wrong. Being crushed over things that don't matter, and lovin' lovin' lovin' myself. There needs to be a revolution, and it starts with me. It starts with God, in me. Can't do it alone, and I'm so glad that I can't! I need Christ as my Savior.. to rescue me. God, move my heart that I pray more. Because I can't do this without cha...

4. God is... .. (insert word here because i have no words left to speak)..

5. Whoever is reading this, please pray for me, I have a cake decorating interview tomorrow at 10am for Red Ribbon :) & on Wednesday, I am taking a Pharmacy Technician test with Kaiser in order to even be possibly considered as an applicant. Please keep me in your prayers to determine which field God currently wants me in.

6. I"ve been blessed with cake orders. i'll upload some pictures soon. goodnight for now! :D

love & God bless: steph


Hendrix said...

send me a picture of my cake so i can put it in my next blog, yeah?? :)


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