Monday, July 28

Red Velvet..

Cupcakes! Here's a few pics i took of them :) Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. ($10/dz.)--help the underdogs! haha.. its hard to compete with places like vons & walmart who sells cupcakes (12 for $6) or some crazy ridiculous cheap price, but I think everyone's body could do a lot better without ten thousand chemicals for preservatives & cakes that have been in the freezer for a week. (trust me, i used to be a cake decorator for a well known supermarket chain, so i know these things!) haha..the cakes that you buy for so cheap have actually been hibernating in the cold for a good while.. but anyways, if anyone needs a cake for a birthday/wedding/gift.. "i love you".. haha.. who knows what, hit me up for some sweet treats! :) i miss baking for people, meng! :D



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