Monday, June 23

Cuz you'll never see my cry.

"and here I am again, just two feet tall, I feel so small with you
i look into a pair of eyes, but sadly there's no love inside
i know i'm not so strong, but even so, i felt so right with you
guess its time to say goodbye, so baby, here's my one last... try.. oh

so tell me, why my feet are standing still, on your broken ground?
as we last embrace, its just my own fingertips on my back
i know that you've been gone, but there are times i still dance with your ghost.. of love.. oh

and baby, i, i'm not gonna do this anymore
done with treading on eggshells just to be broken and stepped on
and baby i, may not be beauty or lovely
but i know there's gotta better for me.."



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