Thursday, June 26

We're getting there, God... we're getting there.

"Even God's gifts to us are of no value until we are willing, if necessary, to lose them so that God might reign without a rival in our hearts."

I had a very fruitful day today & though not perfect, I'm excited because with God, we are taking the yoke together and pulling through this circumstance :] time with lola, and time with my beautiful friend may. pics shall be up soon :) i'm excited to see everyone! & also anxious to see where God is going to lead me next. so many crossroads in life.. but well worth it if we just obey. anyways, time to do better things, so adios! pictures will be up soon ;)

here are a couple of songs that have touched my heart in the darkest corners this year. they've shed light and God has used them to show me that He is the only that can be my everything. they've blessed me & inspired me, i hope they will do the same for you.

and i added this last one, because everytime i watch this certain video, i just wanna cry. man, I really pray that God will give us that heart: "i don't wanna go without You." what a testimony! man, if we would just walk int he will of the Lord always, how beautiful that is.. and it also doesn't hurt that this guy sings so well it rattles my bones ;P hehe.



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