Monday, July 11


  • excitement fills me for each missionary & all the vivid experiences they will have in the PI. we saw them off at the airport today & couldn't help not to feel reminiscent of the past two missions trips i've attended. was a tad physically/emotionally scarred from the last one & made a silent vow not to embark on another college missions trip. I believe God has changed that :) after the hype dies down & long after my wonderful missionary brothers & sisters return, I pray that He will further affirm if this decision is concrete and not just a flutter or a whim of emotion. excited. 
  • apparently, i am officially aging. at the ripe young age of 23, mr. tummy no longer wants to cooperate. sigh. God is good because things were 3/4 back to normal by the time I got home. 
  • i enjoy browsing through strangers' tumblrs & looking at neat quotes & pictures. however, i find it kind of sad that so many young ladies revolve their whole lives around meeting these romanticized, fantasized, kicked-up versions of having a boyfriend. I have one & they don't come in the shining package the media brainwashes us to think. there are infinite arguments, constant miscommunications, and occasional heartbreaks...even when you're mutually in love. Yet, after going through all these cutesy, sweet quotes, I appreciate my sweetheart all the more... he is that guy who is intently staring & watching my every move long before I even notice. Doors are opened for me. He does hold me & let me cry when I don't feel like speaking & just want to burst with frustration. And it may not mean so much to any other girl, but for me, it makes my world when he grabs my face & tells me i'm beautiful--without having a minute trace of makeup on. God lavishes me with love everyday, but I believe that he's sent him to tangibly remind me & drill into my head everyday that I truly am every bit as beautiful as God has formed me to be. Apologies for all the anti-love/mushy description peers out have the option to gag now :P It just flutters my heart that even in the midst of a sometimes rocky relationship, I honestly do have that man that (apparently) thousands of others girls dream about. I think that's pretty neat :) 




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