Tuesday, May 24


i've been craving me some BEACH, BABY! it's been over a year since i've tasted the salty air & witnessed the ebb & flows of the ocean. My heart's been burning to watch a proper sunrise. It's long overdue. :( Anyway, I found a few beautiful images via Pinterest; and thought they were just too lovely to keep to myself. :) Aren't these amazing? I'm sure these took a whole day or more to construct. Cheers to dreams & our soon to come summer days!

Source: None via AnjaYvonne on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Alma on Pinterest


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of candle lit sandcastles. So unique and very pretty!

the runaway romantique said...

This post is absolutely beautiful Steph! Such amazing creations made out of creativity and sand :) I hope you get some beach time soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

- the runaway


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