Wednesday, April 27


You're so sneaky. Every. single. year. its like that cold sore that waves hello at you one radom morning. sorry. I guess that was random. Not so for me, actually. I have FOUR under my tongue at the current moment. It hurts even to eat. There's two big ones & two small ones. I named the two big ones Jenny & Craig .. get it? Jenny Craig? ha.. ha... and the two little ones montecito & peppito. i don't know why. Okay I just realized that I wrote a whole stinkin' paragraph about my stupid cold sores. Preeeeeeeheeety disgusting. Also pretty lame.


I was trying to portray the cunning sneaky ways of Mother's day. I always feel like its so last minute every year. So thought I'd get an earlier start. Here's some ideas <3

Source: "Obligatory Mother's Day Card" from
*haha! this one's my fav already!

Source: "Tissue Paper Posies" via
*i'm actually posting this moreso due to the french toast. I remember
doing a mini scavenger hunt for my mom one year (bless her heart
she could not figure out a single clue for her life, but anyway) was
french toast "stuffed" w/ raspberries & cream cheese. I served it to her
breakfast in bed style. It was amazing. Just saying. 

Source: Custom Cushion Case via
*if you're a smart cookie, you will go to this website. NOW. it's reeeeeediculously
cheap to make photo customized items. My good friend made a pillowcase
on her w/ her & a friend..composed strictly of all pictures! The grand total 
was $11.00. Shipping & everything. The only drawback is that it takes 
a while for things to get here to America. It's from China. But if you plan
early, then get on this site! I know, I you're dying to
check it out. Enjoy :)

Source: 6x6 photo books via

*just in case you weren't convinced already by 
that last rant... 6x6 photo books for..*drumroll* 
\*jumping jacks* fireworks*...

Source: Envelope books via
*i love the idea of a coupon book..but mixed w/ this.. 
envelopes & all..the possibilities are endless!
Maybe you can attach tiny charms or fun things
with each coupon..or maybe it can be a countdown of sorts..
"30 things I love about you".. etc. etc.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Please post a comment if you have any additional ideas!

ps. HI. MOM.!!!!!!!!! I know you're reading this. & stop denying it. i know you read my blog!
 i won't be giving you any of these things because that would mean i've already given it away..but i promise that I'll give you something sweet & special this year. ... that greeting card up there hahahahahaha jk! 
okay now stop reading my blog & have fun in florida! 


elisabeth said...

i haven't even started thinking about mothers day!

thanks for the reminder & ideas!


p.s. you're totally right, mother's day is soooo sneaky!


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