Tuesday, March 1


Happy Music..err..Tuesday?
Yeah, so I'm late by half an hour. sue me.
hahaha..totally kidding! no but really..i applaud all my fellow bloggers who are able to chronicle their lives daily. my, oh my! it was so much harder than I thought. As much as I wanted to jump on that boat...I felt like my posts weren't from my heart as much when I blogged that often. Things tended to get a little bit shallow. & self-seeking =T So i'll just try to keep it reasonable for now :) God's doing A LOT of things in my life. Right now the recurring theme is: "The glory belongs to Me." I will further elaborate seeing that much has gone on in the past 2 weeks I've taken a break from journaling here..or at all for that matter.

But well..I guess i'll include a little snippet because it ties in to this song! I was given the opportunity to perform at a university this past weekend. One tiny, eensy..weensy..glitch, though...the KEYBOARD HAD A STAR-WARS EFFECT ON IT! (ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!) it was hilarious but also nerve-wrecking at the same time. no one knew how to change it..so..you guessed it. i sang two songs with the star wars effect. oh, i had such a fun time anyway. sometimes you have to learn to laugh at situations like those! One of the songs I "attempted" to sing was this original, entitled "Waking." Classic story. This is what happens when us girls are stubborn and don't listen to our parents, to our friends.. & the Godly people in our life. Sometimes we'll be in pain either way..but wouldn't we rather shoulder the weight of "hurt" from doing God's will (knowing full well that even the heartbreak somehow contributed to Him molding us) than drowning in our own rebellious consequences?

**lyrics can be found when clicking on the video :)
DISCLAIMER: I am not emo! pwahah. I am perfectly happy & in love w/ my chocolatey babyboy hehe, but I did have a burden to write this. When I was going through a hard time..knowing that someone in the world has, at one time, felt their heart crack in all the ways it could ever crumble..somehow helped me too. to know that someone understood. (thanks bonnie raitt, sarah bareilles & john mayer for your wonderful songs hahahah)



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