Thursday, March 31

Under Construction!

yes, my dears. yet again.
life has spun me out on a whirlwhind which explains my absence from my beloved blog.
let's hope I can finally stop meddling around with procrastination & use my sparse time more wisely. will be back after these short messages. <3

*few updates
-i'm now taking voice lessons! (dream come true)
-my sweetheart & i just celebrated our 11 monthsary on 3/17. eeeks! :)
-my soul & better half is turning 82. i love my grammy. finally she gets a celebration that she deserves :)
-biggest lesson taught recently: that I must get down to the root of my sins. Not just to ask forgiveness for them, but to dig deeper into the cause of why i get angry,jealous,proud...etc.etc. This is definitely such a precious thing that God's revealed to me & hope I'll be able to share more later!

sleep is falling upon me. goodnight!



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