Wednesday, November 17


I finally have the kraft jewelry boxes in my hands!
If you're looking for a great company to order from, Uline is wonderful.
Due to living near one of their warehouses, I was able to avoid the shipping cost ($10.00) and
just picked up my order instead.
The representative was so kind & helpful.
The warehouse was absolutely MASSIVE!
I can go on & on..there's just something special about awesome customer service.
Keeps ya comin' back!
So after I get my bubble mailers, I'm good to go w/ starting my etsy shop! I'm so excited!
As of now, I'm just trying to finalize the final look for the packaging.
Below are a few of my favorite flickr pics on etsy packaging.
So cute & lovely. Click on each picture for the link.
Anybody else know of any other resources where I can get some cool wrapping ideas?
Let me know! :)

p.s. apologies for poor & repetitive writing on this post. I mean look at that,
I just realized that I have THE most original title ever! My brain feels like spaghetti
due to utter exhaustion this week. so forgive me if this post seems sporadic & a
tad bit in chunks & pieces. hope everyone's having a wonderful week!

Packaging with Japanese Masking Tape

shop packaging: 8

ornament swap '09 / all wrapped up:

wood tags packaging 1a
Very clever packaging


d0maneek said...

this is so exciting! :)


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