Wednesday, November 3

"bridal gifts"

taking a quick break from a lengthy email, so I thought I would post my "fail"..or.. in 2010 online-lingo.. "#fail" of a craft. a dear friend of mine just had a birthday, so I wanted to wrap his gift in a special way. saw this giftwrap a while back from World Market & was instantly smitten. I envisioned it on my walls, on my binders.. heck, even wrapped around my entire body it was so stinkin' pretty. I then made a makeshift "bag" by sewing the sides. Mind you, I don't really know how to sew..I just kind of.. well, guess. As I stare at my needles & thread.. i noticed buttons. "oh what the hey, why not!" .. it'll look cute. the front looks decent with the buttons "sewn" on , but the back looks like regurgitated thread massacre. but let's just refer to it as "artsy." as if that wasn't bad enough, there was some tuille off in the corner, beckoning me to use it. and well, there you go. veil-o-rama. ah. stick some feet on this thing and it's walking down the aisle. someone teach me how to sew!



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