Wednesday, October 27

beauty out of ashes

It was crying out to me in all of its wrongly-striped glory. Seconds from being hot off the broken printer press, this zebra-striped beauty ended up in the trashcan. Why? Because this here document was supposed to display words. Actual words. For whatever reason, it grew brains and decided to be a fashion statement instead. My boss saw it for its flaws, but I gazed at its beauty. And thus, a craft ensued and redemption was displayed. 

Our feet were stuck in an endless pit of sinking sand. Where no pulleys, ropes, or other human hands could succeed, His great arms have come underneath us and rescued us. So whether through a piece of paper, or another human life, let redemption be the song we sing. The testimony we leave..and the legacies we are to be remembered of. 

because: "You've taken me, from the miry clay, set my feet upon a rock, and now I know..." 

 *note: When my lovie's had a rough day..or just needs a little encouragement, I sometimes make him paper hearts and write a reason of why I love him or how he's made a difference in my life. After trying out many different designs, I believe I've found the easiest (and most attractive) pattern. What makes it exceptionally endearing is the little pocket naturally formed which I've slipped a note in! :)  Knock yourselves out!


"because you fight for things you believe in"

& this is my "lovie," daniel. 


the runaway romantique said...

this is lovely. you have such a pretty blog :) would you like to follow each other?

- the runaway


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