Thursday, March 11

my tiny moment of courage ha!

intended to "bless" thursday's bible study with a successful recipe.. but my bro has
already gone! 15 mini cheesecakes.. and who's gonna eat them? =T

so... walking over to my neighbors' houses to give them oreo cheeseakes..
awwwkward! they don't even know my name! hahaha
.. hmph. who knows. maybe it will be the start of a budding relationship.
and maybe they won't know me just by the sweets, but by my Savior.

nope. rationalizing didn't work. i still feel awkward. haha! alright. here we go.
guts, don't fail me now!

edit: my 1st neighbor had JUST gotten home so he was tired, but sweetly said thank you..
my other neighbor, Lina was so sweet! she actually had a conv. with me & invited me into her home!
(who does that nowadays, huh?).

`twas a great night :)


Zamir said...

save me some! :D


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