Tuesday, January 5

12:12 is my new curfew; opposed to 10:30

thoroughly enervated and my days feel like the haunted mansion's walls: stretchy!

You are my strength.
You are my portion.

I felt so overwhelmed w/ all I had to do today, and thought to myself.. "wow, i have like..no other life, no other time for anything else except doing this stuff.." (at the time, was working on things for the upcoming afg camp)."

now i realize, that's EXACTLY what He wants me to see.

This is my life. Service. Laboring to the point of exhaustion, being pressed but not crushed, knocked down but not destroyed. Though my spirits weaken, my heart is full & flowing over & out with being blessed of just Your presence.

I can dream happy with that.

Goodnight all.

*edit, woops, remembered the huge pile of unfolded clothes.. ha! i wish i could fold as fast as i type :)



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